September 2013 - Bargoose Protective Bedding

Great Article on Bed Care and Bed Bug Protection

Check out this great article on protecting your mattress from bed bugs and other “health dangers”.  This article gives some great tips and insight on mattress protection. One specific excerpt mentions mattress & box spring covers and how they can help: “Full mattress and box spring covers: You can purchase mattress and box spring covers […]

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Don’t Forget to Change & Clean Your Sheets!

I came across this interesting article showing a study on how infrequently some people change their sheets.  Remember, it is important to change and clean your sheets at least every 2 weeks, as this can help with hygiene and dust allergen control.  However, remember that your mattress covers should only be cleaned quarterly or as […]

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It’s time to go Back to School…

That time of year is back again!  Our children are going back to school.  However, we do not want them to bring unwanted “guests” with them.. Take a look at this article that explains how bed bugs are making their way for an education too… going to school.  As you read the article, you will […]

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