October 2013 - Bargoose Protective Bedding

Halloween has brought the Vampire Bed Bug!

Bargoose Bedding is proud to announce our new & improved our “Vampire” Bed Bug Proof mattress encasing!  This product is specially scented with garlic, and proven by the Transylvanian Institute to keep this beast at bay!  If you want to learn more about this Vampire Bed Bug, check out this article. Happy Halloween!

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Bed Bugs are being found everywhere!

Nice to speak to everyone again!  I just read this interesting article on how bed bugs are being found in second hand items, such as thrift shops or items being returned to where they were bought. Quick tip; when shopping for items, especially bedding, clothing, luggage, etc., be sure to inspect it before purchasing.  You […]

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Great Article on Bed Bug Protection Tips

Hello everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. See this great article on some bed bug protection tips to help you and your customers.  Key points made by the article are to use bed bug mattress and box spring encasements, noting they need to stay on for AT LEAST 1 year, as […]

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Bed bugs found in hotels and college!

If you think you don’t have to worry about bed bugs, you may want to think again… check out these three articles where an 2 Indianapolis Hotels  and a university library were infested with bed bugs. This is where Bargoose can help you protect against these infestations.  With our certified and tested Bed Bug Covers, […]

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Two Good Articles about Allergy Protection Tips

Hello to everyone!  We just found 2 great articles regarding allergy protection tips: “Keep your Children Safe from Allergies“, which talks about protecting children, and this Mattress Guide article, talking about ways to keep a good allergen- free mattress. You will notice both article mention about allergen proof protective bedding.  These are shown to be […]

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