Allergy Bedding an important step to an allergy-free room

Posted in Blog, Press Releases, Quick Tips on August 21, 2013

Just read this interesting article on how Crystal Cruises is making some rooms on board their ships allergy free.  This is a great way to help those that want to still go on vacation but have severe allergies be able to have a good time abroad or “on board.”

You will notice in the article that allergy protective bedding is considered an important step in the process of making a room allergy free.  This is where Bargoose Home Textiles can help you and your customers with allergies to dust mites.  Our line of allergen proof bedding or Allergy Care™ is a great way to give you a line of defense against dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens.  Please feel free to visit out Allergy Protection Section to read more about our Allergy Care™ bedding.

While the article lists many other steps that help with making a room allergy free, Bargoose can help you with the bedding.  You can get great, high quality allergen protection bedding products at great prices.  Please contact us to inquire further.