Allergy season the worst in recent history

Posted in Blog on June 4, 2013

Due to Hurricane Sandy, this allergy season has been among the worst in recent history, and the high pollen count continues today, which is why even CNBC is calling this the “Worst Allergy Season Ever.” Are you ready for the demand for allergy bedding?

The good news is that Bargoose has items that can help you help your customer when it comes to allergies.  We offer a great selection of allergy protective bedding, from vinyl to polypropylene, cotton to poly/cotton.  In other words, we are confident we have the right product to suit your customers needs.  Some of these products can offer additional protection, such as waterproof and certified bed bug proof protection via our patented Bugstop© Seal.  Now, you can help your customer with allergies while providing them with additional protection.

Our dust allergen proof mattress, box spring, duvet and pillow encasements help by sealing in the dust allergens.  Whenever you sit or lay on a bed, you may not see it, but there is a cloud of dust that comes up; these are the very allergens that affects your clients day and a good nights sleep.  By using Bargoose encasings, these dust allergens are trapped and unable to pass through, allowing your customer a comfortable sleep and start to their day.  This is obtained through tight weave construction resulting in laboratory tested and allergist approved pore sizes, or with membrane fabrics, no pores at all.

For more information about “allergy hot spots”, feel free to visit the link below; you will see how bedding is a major hot spot:

Remember, Bargoose is here to help you with your all your allergy bedding product needs .  Our full line of allergy covers will help your customer get the best and most comfortable allergy protection available.  To find out more about our allergy line of mattress covers, pillow covers, box spring cover and duvet covers, visit our website at


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