Bargoose Takes On Bed Bugs with New Impenetrable and Easy to Use Patented Bugstop® Seal

Posted in Press Releases on June 5, 2013

Lynbrook, NY – July 24, 2013 – Bargoose Home Textiles, the protective bedding specialists that offer the largest selection of waterproof, dust allergen proof and bed bug proof bed protection, is proud to announce its newly patented Bugstop® Seal, a unique and impenetrable zipper enclosure that prevents bed bugs from getting in or out of mattress / box spring covers.  The Bugstop® Seal is tested and certified to be effective bed bug protection.


Addressing a growing concern, Bargoose developed a unique enclosure that is both simple and effective for stopping bed bugs – the Bugstop Seal is a piece of tape that is sewn to the end of the zipper of the mattress cover and acts as a seal. Once the zipper is closed completely, it goes inside a “tunnel,” then the user peels the protective backing off of the piece of tape and places the tape over the zipper. Once pressed firmly, the tape seals the mattress / box spring cover and stops bed bugs from escaping or entering the mattress / box spring cover.


“Bargoose offers one of the largest selections of bed protection solutions in the industry and is always looking for new materials and manufacturing procedures to enhance our product lines,” says Diane Rattner, President, Bargoose Home Textiles. “Now, with our brand new patented Bugstop® Seal, we can offer our customers even greater protection against bed bugs; a problem that has been prevalent over the past few years, both domestically and overseas. For our customers who are in the hospitality, healthcare, allergy relief and pest control bedding markets, the Bugstop® Seal is a simple solution to a huge problem.”


The tape is both machine washable and reusable. In addition, the tape acts as a visible check, offering another line of defense against bed bugs. When the tape is securely pressed over the zipper, users know that the zipper is closed and sealed properly.


For more than 25 years, Bargoose has been offering customers timely, efficient and cost-effective solutions for their protective bedding needs. The Bugstop® Seal is yet another innovative offering to help keep hotels, motels, hospitals, long and short-term facilities and clinics around the world safe from bed bugs.




Bargoose is a leading manufacturer of protective bedding products to the hospitality, healthcare, allergy relief and pest control bedding markets.


With over 25 years of experience we have grown our company into one of the largest suppliers of bed protection that is waterproof, dust allergen proof and bedbug proof. Located in Lynbrook, NY., we provide the most effective, cost efficient covers in the industry.  Our domestic facility enables us to make custom sizes and respond to our customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. And our dedication to developing new materials, products and manufacturing procedures is unmatched in the industry.


We are at the forefront of new product development and innovation; always striving to provide our customers with the most up-to-date protective bedding products.  Our dedication to our customers is unmatched in the industry.


Bargoose has been a major contributor to the development of fabrics and product designs that have become standards in the industry.  We will continue to explore new opportunities to improve our products and services, so we can continue to provide timely, efficient and cost effective solutions for all of our customers’ protective bedding needs.





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