Bed Bugs are being found everywhere!

Posted in Blog, Press Releases, Quick Tips on October 30, 2013

Nice to speak to everyone again!  I just read this interesting article on how bed bugs are being found in second hand items, such as thrift shops or items being returned to where they were bought.

Quick tip; when shopping for items, especially bedding, clothing, luggage, etc., be sure to inspect it before purchasing.  You don’t know if it was returned from an infested house, and don’t want to bring those unwanted pests home!

Here is where Bargoose can help…  If you want to prevent the spreading of bed bugs, especially if you have them, as well as protect yourself proactively or after the fact, you need a bed bug proof mattress encasement.  Check out our Bed Bug Information Page and our complete line of bed bug proof protective bedding.  We have got the products to help.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or request any information.

To you and your customers, for good nights and better days, we’ve got you covered!

Until next time…