The Evolution of Bed Bugs

Posted in Press Releases, Quick Tips on November 12, 2013

As many of you well know, bed bugs have made a big comeback this last decade, infesting homes, hotels, schools, and other public dwellings across the United States.  This great article on Bed Bug Evolution helps explain how bed bugs have been able to come back into our lives.  It even goes into detail on proteins and amino acids that have allowed this pest to become relevant again.

This is a great article explaining how bed bugs have become more resistant to chemicals, and how not using DDT has helped make bed bugs become relevant and make a come back.  It also explains how other treatments, including heat treatment and protective bedding are great methods to control and eliminate these pests.

Bargoose can help you and your customers with this.  We have a great line of Bed Bug Proof Products, and also you can find great information on our Bed Bug Protection page.  Our covers are tested and certified to be waterproof, dust allergen proof, and bed bug proof, including our patented BUGSTOP® SEAL, ensuring total bed bug protection.

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Be sure to be on a look out for bed bugs when visiting dwellings or hotels so you don’t take them home with you.  Until next time…