Great Article on Allergy Prevention Tips

Posted in Press Releases, Quick Tips on November 6, 2013

The author of this interesting article has a unique and great perspective on how to protect oneself from allergens.  Please read through to see all of the tips offered.

While we here at Bargoose do not fully understand the idea behind “microwaving fruit”, as it is not our forte, we do fully support and agree with all tips on pillows and bedding.  As the author stated, pillows that are not cleaned or protected by a pillow cover will have gathered a large amount of dust mites, which you can tell from how much heavier the pillow is from when you initially purchased.  Washing the pillows is a good idea, but we recommend using our Bargoose Zippered Allergen proof pillow and mattress protectors, as these are laboratory tested, certified, and allergist recommended.  In our opinion, it is easier to wash the pillow cover weekly then wash the pillow monthly and risk making the pillow have an odd shape after washing.

Please visit our website at and check out our Allergy Protection Page for more information on how to protect yourself and your bedding.

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