Bed bugs are not an uncommon problem for students in dorm-style settings, who share housing arrangements with a large number of other academics.

To specifically address the needs of students, and to help reduce the risk of bed bug infestation, Bargoose has taken the same high quality manufacturing and service that it puts into all its products and offers an advanced line of protective bedding solutions, that helps guard mattresses, boxsprings and pillows from the threat of bed bugs and other unwanted guests.


With a variety of materials to choose from, including six gauge vinyl, tricot with vinyl, stretch polyester knit with urethane and poly/cotton with urethane, Bargoose bedding not only protect mattresses, boxsprings and pillows from bed bugs, but they also more easily show up the early signs of bed bugs as well as extend the life of the mattress should an infestation occur.


With Bargoose, students can focus on their grades rather than worry about unwelcomed visitors