Barrier Bedding – Polyester Tricot

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for protection against dust allergens
  • 100% Polyester Tricot coated with 4 mil vinyl
  • Waterproof
  • Zippered covers have rust-proof polyester zippers
  • Fire retardant
  • Fabric tested and certified to be bite proof
  • Bed Bug Protection


If you do not see what you are looking for, let us know.  We have the ability to manufacture custom sizes.

BARRIER BEDDING – Polyester Tricot


Item No.Description
  • 6010       21X27 Standard Zippered
  • 6012       21X31  Queen Zippered
  • 6013       21X37  King Zippered
  • 6011       21X27  Standard Envelope


9” Deep

Item No.Description
  • 63680F    36x80x9 Hosp.Twin Fitted
  • 63684F    36x84x9 Hosp. XL Twin Fitted
  • 63975F    39x75x9 Twin Fitted
  • 63980F    39x80x9 Long Twin Fitted
  • 65475F    54x75x9 Full Fitted
  • 65480F    54x80x9 Long Full Fitted
  • 66080F    60x80x9 Queen Fitted
  • 67880F    78x80x9 King Fitted
  • 67284F    72x84x9 CalKing Fitted


9” Deep

Item No.Description
  • 63680Z    36x80x9 Hosp.Twin Zippered
  • 63684Z    36x84x9 Hosp. XL Twin Zippered
  • 63975Z    39x75x9 Twin Zippered
  • 63980Z    39x80x9 Long Twin Zippered
  • 65475Z    54x75x9 Full Zippered
  • 65480Z    54x80x9 Long Full Zippered
  • 67284Z    72x84x9 Cal King Zippered
  • 67280Z    72x80x9 Hotel King Zippered
  • 67880F    78x80x9 King Zippered


12” Deep

Item No.Description
  • 63975Z-12     39x75x12 Twin Zippered
  • 63980Z-12     39x80x12 Twin XL Zippered
  • 65475Z-12     54x75x12 Full Zippered
  • 65480Z-12     54x80x12 Full XL Zippered
  • 66080Z-12     60x80x12 Queen Zippered
  • 67880Z-12     78x80x12 King Zippered
  • 67284Z-12     72x84x12 Cal King Zippered
  • 67280Z-12     72x80x12 Hotel King Zippered

Got bed bugs?  We certainly hope you don’t, but if you do, we can help.  Not only do our bed bug proof covers provide tested and certified bed bug protection, they also provide dust allergen protection and are waterproof.  You get complete protection for you and you bed.


We offer a variety of certified bed bug proof encasements, from our Bed Bug Solution Elite, to our stretch to fit Bed Bug Solution Hybrid, and include our durable and economical 6 gauge vinyl protectors.  Bed bugs cannot penetrate the our covers, protecting you from itchy bites.  In addition, our covers include our Patented Bugstop® Seal, which is tested and certified as escape and entry proof.  Not only can those “unwanted guests” not bite you, they cannot escape.  With Bargoose bed bug proof covers, you can be sure that you can sleep tight, and the bed bugs will not bite!