Reasons Why Your Bed Bug Treatment Could Have Failed and What To Do About It!

Posted in Blog, Quick Tips on February 12, 2014

Hello everyone! We happened upon this great article and had to post it up right away.  There is great information on how to help get rid of these pests, and identifies common mistakes made, which can help you in the process of removing bed bugs.

The last tip talked about is what we think is the most important: “PREVENTION!”.  As stated by this article, “No matter how thorough your extermination was, if you don’t take the necessary precautions to keep them out, a new infestation is likely to occur. There are a number of simple prevention tips you can perform each day, such as de-cluttering your home to remove hiding places, placing traps near high-traffic areas, and using bedbug-resistant mattress encasements.”

Bed bug Proof Mattress encasements is where Bargoose Home Textiles can help you in preventing these unwanted pests from returning, or even infesting you at all.  Check out our Bed Bug Information Page, as well as our Bed Bug Proof Products.  We know we have the products that can help you and put your mind at ease.  Feel free to contact us or visit our website at

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