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Bed Bugs Becoming Resistant to Pesticides!

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Good morning everyone!  We just read this great article stating how bed bugs have evolved and are now becoming immune to chemicals that are supposed to dispose of them. However, one thing bed bugs cannot evolve from is lack of food!  This is where encasing your mattress is a great way to protect yourself and […]

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Protect yourself and your home from Dust Allergens by Encasing your Bedding!

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It has been quite a while since we last posted, but we found this great article talking about how to protect you and your home from dust allergens. Upon reading this great article, you notice they list in their 3rd step that “all mattresses, box springs, pillows and comforters should be encased in well-sealed, tightly […]

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Read this article; Great tips on how to protect yourself from Allergens!

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Hey everyone!  Check out this article with 7 great tips for protecting your home against allergens! You will notice, in the 2nd recommendation, it is said to “consider wrapping mattresses and non-washable pillows, comforters or other bedding in allergen-proof covers.”  Bargoose has the right products for you and  your customers to help with this. Check […]

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WebMD saying this is the worst allergy season in 4 years, and things you can do to help your allergies!

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Check out this interesting article where data from WebMD is stating how this will be the worst allergy season in the last four years due to the “Pollen Vortex”…  as if the “Polar Vortex” wasn’t bad enough! This article gives lots of information and data on what could be causing such a bad allergy season.  […]

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Dust Allergy Protection Tips

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Hello everyone!  Just read this article on dust allergy prevention tips.  Although short, there is great information here. As you read, you will see one of the main things to do is to “Place an allergen-proof cover on your mattress, box spring and pillows, as well as on any comforter that isn’t washable.”  Here is […]

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Got Allergies? Our Allergen Proof Covers Can Help!

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I just read this great article that talks about allergy-proofing your house.  The article goes into detail what to do in each and every room of your house.  If you have allergies, I highly recommend reading this article. The first thing the article mentions is to “encase pillows, mattresses and box springs in dust-mite-proof covers”.  […]

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Reasons Why Your Bed Bug Treatment Could Have Failed and What To Do About It!

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Hello everyone! We happened upon this great article and had to post it up right away.  There is great information on how to help get rid of these pests, and identifies common mistakes made, which can help you in the process of removing bed bugs. The last tip talked about is what we think is […]

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How Bed Bugs Can Hurt You Besides Their Bite!

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Check out this great article on the health risks with chemicals that can be used to treat for bed bugs, especially with DIY methods and chemicals. This is where Bargoose can help.  Check out our Bed Bug Protection Page and our Bed Bug Solution Products.  It is proven that encasing your mattress and boxspring are […]

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Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

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Have a look at this great article regarding protecting your home from bed bugs.  As stated in the article, the main line of defense is preventing them from entering your home, so be weary of places you visit. The article makes a statement that if bed bugs do enter your home, “Mattresses and box springs […]

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