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How Bed Bugs Can Hurt You Besides Their Bite!

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Check out this great article on the health risks with chemicals that can be used to treat for bed bugs, especially with DIY methods and chemicals. This is where Bargoose can help.  Check out our Bed Bug Protection Page and our Bed Bug Solution Products.  It is proven that encasing your mattress and boxspring are […]

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Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

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Have a look at this great article regarding protecting your home from bed bugs.  As stated in the article, the main line of defense is preventing them from entering your home, so be weary of places you visit. The article makes a statement that if bed bugs do enter your home, “Mattresses and box springs […]

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The Evolution of Bed Bugs

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As many of you well know, bed bugs have made a big comeback this last decade, infesting homes, hotels, schools, and other public dwellings across the United States.  This great article on Bed Bug Evolution helps explain how bed bugs have been able to come back into our lives.  It even goes into detail on […]

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Bed Bugs are going to College?

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Just read this interesting article on bed bugs being found on college campuses.  Take a look.  Also, here is another article also talking about what kids need in dorm life, mentioning bed bug protective linens. This brings about the point of it being back to school season.  Bargoose can help with providing bedding that will […]

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