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Protect yourself and your home from Dust Allergens by Encasing your Bedding!

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It has been quite a while since we last posted, but we found this great article talking about how to protect you and your home from dust allergens. Upon reading this great article, you notice they list in their 3rd step that “all mattresses, box springs, pillows and comforters should be encased in well-sealed, tightly […]

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WebMD saying this is the worst allergy season in 4 years, and things you can do to help your allergies!

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Check out this interesting article where data from WebMD is stating how this will be the worst allergy season in the last four years due to the “Pollen Vortex”…  as if the “Polar Vortex” wasn’t bad enough! This article gives lots of information and data on what could be causing such a bad allergy season.  […]

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Got Allergies? Our Allergen Proof Covers Can Help!

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I just read this great article that talks about allergy-proofing your house.  The article goes into detail what to do in each and every room of your house.  If you have allergies, I highly recommend reading this article. The first thing the article mentions is to “encase pillows, mattresses and box springs in dust-mite-proof covers”.  […]

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Two Good Articles about Allergy Protection Tips

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Hello to everyone!  We just found 2 great articles regarding allergy protection tips: “Keep your Children Safe from Allergies“, which talks about protecting children, and this Mattress Guide article, talking about ways to keep a good allergen- free mattress. You will notice both article mention about allergen proof protective bedding.  These are shown to be […]

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