Two Good Articles about Allergy Protection Tips

Posted in Blog, Quick Tips on October 1, 2013

Hello to everyone!  We just found 2 great articles regarding allergy protection tips: “Keep your Children Safe from Allergies“, which talks about protecting children, and this Mattress Guide article, talking about ways to keep a good allergen- free mattress.

You will notice both article mention about allergen proof protective bedding.  These are shown to be essential in protecting children from dust and other allergens, as well as keeping your mattress allergy free.

Bargoose can help you and your customers with this.  Visit our Allergy Protection Page, as well as our Allergy Products Page.  We have a variety of products, ranging from vinyl to stretch knit to cotton, all proven and tested to be dust allergen proof.  Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.  We can help.

Until next time…