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Pillow Protectors

Are you tired of your pillow being stained and ruined because of spills and dirt?

Protect your investment with a zippered pillow protector. Made from premium materials, these covers are designed to keep your pillow in perfect condition. With a zipper closure, you can easily remove your protector when you need to wash it. Trust us, a zippered pillow protector is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their pillow looking and feeling its best.

A pillow cover will protect your pillow from dust mite allergens, bed bugs, sweat, and spills. Waterproof pillow protectors for standard, queen, and king size pillows. Travel and body pillow zippered pillow protectors are also available. Shop our collection of hypoallergenic, allergy barrier pillow encasements, with material choices of Organic Cotton, Cotton, Performance Fabrics and even vinyl. French fold, zippered, and hidden zipper closures are available.

 -Breathe better! Put your allergies at ease, for good nights and better days!

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  • French Fold Pillow Covers Pillow Protector Bargoose Home Textiles, Inc.

    French Fold Pillow Covers

    from $5.99

    Looking for a way to protect your pillow from dust, dirt, and other allergens? Look no further than our French fold pillow protector! The simple an...

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    from $5.99