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BedBug Solution™ Basic Zippered Mattress Encasement

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  • WATERPROOF BARRIER - Protect your mattress from fluid spills like sweat and urine with our Bedbug Solution Basic Zippered Mattress or Box Spring Encasing. Just one unprotected fluid accident, can ruin a mattress. Safeguard your mattress against sweat, fluids, and stains. Offering peace of mind and a more sterile sleeping environment for you and your family. Our encasements provide protection on all 6 sides of the mattress or box spring protecting from perspiration stains or from other bodily fluids, incontinence, and even accidental spills, blocking off stains, liquids, and other bacteria from reaching the bed mattress.
  • BREATHABLE LAMINATE MEMBRANE - ensures a quiet night sleep, without crackling sounds or feelings throughout the night as you move; providing comfort and security.
  • CERTIFIED BED BUG PROOF - Features the patent­ed Bugstop® Seal, an impenetrable rust-proof zipper enclosure that effectively keeps bedbugs, dust mites and other allergens from infesting your mattress or box spring. The Bugstop® Seal includes a piece of sewn, wash­able tape, that keeps the zipper locked in place, ensuring that your mattress is well-encased and protected. Bed Bugs can't get in or out.
  • DUST MITE PROOF AND HYPOALLERGENIC - Dust mites are microscopic and invisible to the naked eye, yet a con­stant problem... Read More