AllergyCare™ Cotton zippered mattress covers are a luxurious way to protect both you and your pillows. Made from the finest 233-thread count cotton fabric.

Our cotton pillow cover will provide the most natural and breathable sleeping surface, as well as protection from irritating dust mite allergens.

You can sleep soundly knowing our dust mite pillow covers are OKEO-TEX certified and have been tested by Porous Materials Inc. to be a certified allergen barrier. Ideal for those with chemical sensitivities or sensitive skin.

ANTI ALLERGEN WEAVE - Our anti allergy and anti microbial encasement weave has unrivaled 4.9 micron pores. That's so tiny that dust mites, their waste products and other allergens can't fit through. However, the weave allows airflow for total breathability and proper comfort night time cooling.

DOCTOR RECOMMENDED - Our USA based family company has been creating premium bedding and hypoallergenic products for children and adults who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin. 

HEAVY DUTY DROP ZIPPER - A heavy gauge nylon zipper secures and protects your pillow and helps reduce allergen contamination like dust, mold or pet dander. The metal zipper close is rust proof, even through many washings and years of use. It drops in line for added comfort and concealment.

LUXURY THREAD COUNT - Above all, your pillow encasement must be comfortable and easy to sleep on. That's why we use a deluxe 285 per square inch thread count. This makes the fabric extra soft and supremely comfortable to rest your tired head upon. Enjoy deep, luxurious, allergy free sleep today...you deserve it.

SKU: 530220

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