Star patterned, colorful, and washable underpad is completely waterproof!

Kids love this design; available in two sizes, regular 34” x 36” and large 36” x 54”.

Position on top of the fitted sheet to protect mattress and bedding. Designed to absorb up to 4 cups of liquid.

This 3 layer pad has a waterproof layer, an absorbent polyester fill and a soft cotton top. Heavy enough to stay in place, even for restless sleepers.

Great for middle of the night clean-ups; simply replace the pad instead of the sheets. Helpful when making the transition from diapers to cloth underwear or when using a bedwetting alarm.

Use to discreetly protect beds, carpets and play areas from urine or any other moisture. Designed to coordinate with kids' room decor, other kids just think this special waterproof pad is a colorful blanket or comforter.

Not just for bedwetting protection! Protect your carpets from baby's spitting up, use as a naptime pad, or as an auto seat cover for pets or kids with wet or dirty clothing.

Simply machine washed and dry for reuse. Buy several so you always have a clean and dry pad on hand.

SKU: 42001

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