Protect baby’s mattress with our premium Natural Cotton Zippered Protective Crib Mattress Encasement. 

This encasement fully zippers around baby’s mattress for 100% protection for infant and toddler bed mattresses. The tightly woven natural cotton fabric protects against allergens, dust mites, pollen, pet dander and other asthma instigators and is soft and stretchable to keep baby comfortable.

The zippered protector offers a square corner design that fully encases both square and round corner crib mattresses and can easily zip around even the thickest foam or innerspring baby mattress. Use underneath crib mattress pads and fitted crib sheets to create a well-protected and cozy sleeping environment for baby.


  • 25.5" x 37" x 1"
  • 27" x 36" x 5" 
  • 24" x 38" x 3" 
  • 27" x 54" x 7"
  • 27" x 52" x 5"
SKU: 50009825

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