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Home Allergen Roadmap

Family in Bed Sneezing


You may not know it, but your bedroom has more allergens than any other room in your house! Hard to accept– but it’s true! The Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAFA) warns that the amount of time spent in the bedroom, especially while asleep on absorbent bedding, will cause allergens to build-up, affecting both comfort and sleep quality. In fact, on average a person spends a third of their lives asleep – so why not make it the best sleep possible! Read on to find what might be hiding in the “shadows” of your bedding and the bedding options that will help combat these allergens:

  1. Public Enemy #1: Dust Mites

Microscopic creatures, known as dust mites, can cause more irritation than any other allergen in the home.  Their droppings are undetectable and easily inhaled which can lead to an extreme irritation.  Dust mites, who’s colony size per pillow, mattress, or bedding can be in the millions, feed off of the dead skin cells we unknowingly (or knowingly) shed.  These nearly invisible roommates do not bite or use human bodies as hosts, so they are not considered parasites, but they can affect your health and well-being on a large scale.  The best prevention technique? Encase your mattress(es) and pillow(s) in a dust-mite proof cover and wash all bedding regularly in hot water.

  1. Spores Galore: Mold, Mildew & Fungi
If mold or mildew spores are left unchecked, they can lead to a serious allergic reaction, including sneezing, coughing, rashes, and sinus problems.  How do you prevent a mold allergy?  One way is to protect your mattress with moisture-wicking or waterproof mattress protectors as well as pillow encasements. This is just one type of protective measure to help halt mold and mildew growth.
  1. Seasonal Allergens: Pollen

Suffering from allergies can be equivalent to having a cold for months on end! Pollen can be one of the worst offenders leading to irritated eyes, trouble breathing, and a stuffy nose.  Unfortunately,  pollen can make it way into the bedroom and ultimately the mattress in many unpredictable ways – including through a breeze through an open window, the shirt you went the park in, from your hair or glasses after a morning stroll.  The folds and crevices of your bedding and mattress are ideal places for pollen to stick.  So, along with regular washing of your bedding, we recommend including an allergen barrier mattress encasement, like our Allergycare 100% Cotton or Organic cotton encasements to keep pollen under control. 

  1. Pets – Enough Said!

If you are a pet owner you know that shedding is often a major issue that contributes to allergenic reactions.  But, pets will often also bring dirt and pollen with them into your home.  Like most things to do with allergies, prevention is key! To avoid serious reactions, the best things to do are: 1) brush your pet often, 2) wash their paws after they come in from being outdoors, and 3) pillow and mattress protection. 

Living allergen-free is hard to maintain, but it is possible! Shop our allergen-barrier bedding today and you too can have good days & better nights!

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