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Pillow Encasement Buying Guide

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Pillow Encasements – What’s the Point?

Laying on your pillow at night for upwards of 6 to 8 hours can lead to a fast build-up of sweat, oil, and even drool – which all can go directly on to your pillow.  A pillowcase acts as an initial barrier, but without a pillow encasement, a lot of your emissions can reach your pillow leading to a bacterial build up and fast degradation of the pillow itself.  In addition to the startling realization that your pillow easily accumulates build-up over time, also consider that allergens, such as dust mites, play a significant role in sleep disruption and allergic reactions while sleeping.  Lastly, don’t forget about the bed bugs; as discussed in our Bed Bug Guide, bed bugs can be pervasive and use your pillow as a breeding ground.  Lengthen the life of your pillow – it’s easy!

So, What Is There To Do?

Encase. Encase. Encase.

Pillow encasements are a relatively inexpensive, chemical-free way to protect your pillow.  Your fabric choice will impact the feel of your pillow, so let’s take a moment to run through the options:

  1. Polyester Pillow Encasements

For durable protection, polyester should be your go-to fabric.  This robust fabric allows for frequent washing and will ultimately lower your costs due to its long life span.  Bargoose offers a wide-range of polyester pillow encasements, including our BedBug Solution® Elite Pillow Encasement, Polyester Tricot Pillow Encasement, and AllergyCare™ Pristine Luxury Pillow Encasement

  1. Cotton Pillow Encasements
Cotton pillow encasements are a great choice as it is our most breathable fabric.  At Bargoose, we provide cotton encasements for all type of sleepers, however, our cotton encasements do not have a barrier and are therefore not waterproof.  Rather, these encasements consist of a tight weave (4.59 microns to be exact), which creates a highly breathable allergen barrier. To get started, check out our line of AllergyCare™ Cotton and AllergyCare™ Organic Cotton Pillow Encasements.
  1. Vinyl Pillow Encasements

In terms of pillow protection, vinyl is unbeatable.  A thick and durable plastic, vinyl is the ultimate guardian – assuring nothing will touch your pillow.  Vinyl is also simple to keep clean; just wipe down with soap and warm water or a disinfectant spray.  Vinyl is often extremely economical and a great choice for any hotel, motel, hospital, RV, truck, and the like. Despite its obvious benefits, vinyl is often known for is lesser qualities, including noise and heat retention.   

While we did our best with heat retention, where Bargoose surpasses its competition is our use of specially formulated vinyl making our vinyl pillow encasements relatively noiseless.

Things to know and ask yourself before you buy a pillow encasement

  1. Size of the pillow 

Standard? Queen? King? None of the above.  Not to fret – we have what you are looking for! If we don’t, we can make it for you!

  1. Pillow Mechanics

It’s most important to understand WHY you are looking to purchase an encasement? Are you looking for strictly waterproof, durability, softness, ease of cleaning?  Zippered or envelope style? Answer those questions and we can find a pillow encasement to suit your needs.


Still not sure what you are looking for or need help debriefing the above, contact us at or speak to one of informed customer service specialists by calling us at 516-255-1736.