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If you are a property manager, you are well aware that keeping the property’s mattresses pristine can be a challenge.  Sweat, spills, other nocturnal emissions, incontinence and infestations can ruin a mattress and box spring, ultimately raising the property’s annualized costs! In addition, with the growing outbreak of bed bugs over the past several years, managed properties are experiencing a rise in cases given the close proximately of one unit to the other; once one unit is infested, the bed bugs tend to spread quickly.  Unfortunately, pesticide usage alone is no longer enough to control an outbreak since beds have cracks and crevices for bed bugs to hide in, making treatment for bed bugs extremely difficult.  That is where Bargoose comes in! The use of mattress and box spring encasements has been found to dramatically cut the potential costs of re-exposure and re-infestation.

What makes Bargoose the best choice for property managers?

  • Bargoose offers a wide variety of bedding encasements designed specifically to protect mattresses and box springs, including (but not limited to) bed bug proof covers, waterproof bed covers and mattress pads
  • Easy Ordering
  • Drop Ship Capabilities
  • Quality Assurance
  • Unparalleled Customer Service

For more information on the types of barrier bedding we offer, visit our complete bedding protection guide.

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