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BedBug Solution®️ Mattress Encasement Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for Bargoose BedBug Solution®️ Zippered Mattress Encasements:
  • Open the package and lay the encasement flat, unzip the zipper if it is zipped closed.
  • Stand Mattress or Box Spring on it’s end.
  • Scrunch the encasement as you would a long sock or other hosiery, then ease the encasement over the mattress or box spring you are protecting. Once the entire mattress encasement has been eased on to your mattress (box spring) then continue to gently slide it down.
  • Do not simply grab the zipper end and try to pull the encasement on and down the mattress or pull on with out standing the mattress on end, as this will void the manufacture warranty.
  • Once the encasement is completely on the mattress (box spring) zip the zipper completely until it reaches and enters the zipper tunnel completely; further ensuring your bed is bed bug proof.
  • Once the zipper has been sealed, peel the paperbacking from the BugStop Seal, the washable tape closure affixed the zipper end and press firmly to affix.

The zippered mattress encasement should remain in place for at least a year, and washed annually. We recommend covering all encased mattresses with a deluxe quilted waterproof mattress pad to change and wash with your regular bedding or whenever a room is turned over between guests.