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Cruise Boat Cabin / State Room Bedding Protectors

Cruise Ship Room

With its full line of quality protective bedding options, Bargoose is ready to board your ship for a high-seas adventure! With more than 30 years in the protective bedding industry, Bargoose offers ex - sail - ent protective encasement options for mattresses, box springs, pillows and duvets with a large selection of materials to fit a cruise ship’s every need.

In fact, Bargoose has made significant contributions towards the development of materials and designs that have become standard in the protective bedding industry.  By offering a full range of protective bedding that is waterproof, dust allergen proof, and bed bug proof, you can trust that travelers and crew alike will feel secure knowing that their beds are protected from any unwanted stowaways, spills, or accidents! Custom bedding requirements? Fear naut! Bargoose has got you covered! With premier domestic production capabilities, providing quality, cost-efficient, custom bedding for the varied needs of each and every cruise ship.  

We are confident Bargoose can be the port in your bedding storm. For more information on the types of barrier bedding we offer, visit our complete bedding protection guide.

Still not shore what you are looking for? Give us a call at (516) 255 – 1736 to speak with someone on our team or email us at to get started.

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