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Mattress Pad Buying Guide

Mattress Pad Spill


What is a mattress pad?

A waterproof mattress topper, such as a mattress pad, will work to keep your mattress free from stains, spills, and allergens – all while being entirely undetectable.  Typically, mattress pads have a waterproof barrier.  At Bargoose, our deluxe waterproof pads have a nearly undetectable layer of polyurethane urethane laminate, leading to better, more breathable mattress pads.  Bargoose also offers a line of economy pads with a vinyl barrier layer that proves extremely tough in preventing liquids from getting through!

Getting ready to purchase a mattress pad?

Follow this simple list and feel confident that your mattress pad purchase will be the best for your needs.

Size: Measure your mattress. Know the length, width, and height and be sure to buy a properly fitting pad. Otherwise your bed may still be susceptible to easily preventable problems.

Material: Be sure to pick the mattress pad that has the attributes you want.  Bamboo may work well for a sleeper who has sinus issues, while a warm-sleeper should stick a more breathable barrier pad.

Comfort: Let’s be realistic, beyond anything else, comfort should come first. Do you like the way your mattress pad feels? You’ll be spending a third of your time on it, so be sure you like the way you feel while laying on it. Think especially about your temperature at night. Breathability is key - a pad with more pores will keep you cool as can be.

Still not sure what you are looking for or need help debriefing the above, contact us at or speak to one of informed customer service specialists by calling us at 516-255-1736.