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What is the BugStop Seal®?

BugStop Seal

Introducing the Revolutionary Bugstop Seal®: Your Ultimate Barrier Against Bed Bugs!

This innovative, patented zipper enclosure technology from Bargoose securely locks out bed bugs, ensuring they can neither invade nor escape your mattresses and box springs.

Experience the magic of Bugstop Seal® – a durable, washable tape seamlessly integrated with your mattress cover’s zipper. Simply glide the zipper into its unique 'tunnel', peel off the protective backing, and press the tape firmly over the zipper. This creates an impenetrable fortress, safeguarding your sleeping haven against bed bug infestations.

And the best part? The Bugstop Seal® tape is not only effective but also machine washable and reusable, epitomizing both convenience and reliability.

As Diane Rattner, President of Bargoose Home Textiles, highlights, "At Bargoose, innovation meets necessity. Our extensive range of bed protection solutions continuously evolves, thanks to our commitment to exploring new materials and manufacturing techniques. For our esteemed clients in hospitality, healthcare, allergy relief, and pest control, the Bugstop Seal® isn’t just a product; it’s a foolproof solution to a prevalent challenge."

Choose Bargoose. Choose the peace of mind that comes with the industry-leading Bugstop Seal®.

For Good Nights And Better Days!