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What is the BugStop Seal®?

BugStop Seal

The patented Bugstop Seal® is an impenetrable zipper enclosure that prevents bed bugs from getting in or out of mattress and box spring covers.

The Bugstop Seal® is a piece of washable tape that is sewn to the end of the zipper of the mattress cover and acts as a seal. The zipper is closed completely by, going inside a "tunnel," the user then peels the protective backing off of the piece of tape and places the tape over the zipper.

When pressed firmly, the tape seals the mattress / box spring cover and stops bed bugs from escaping or entering the mattress / box spring cover. The tape is machine washable and reusable.

"Bargoose offers one of the largest selections of bed protection solutions in the industry and is always looking for new materials and manufacturing procedures to enhance our product lines," said Diane Rattner, president, Bargoose Home Textiles. "For our customers who are in the hospitality, healthcare, allergy relief and pest control bedding markets, the Bugstop Seal® is a simple solution to a huge problem."