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AllergyCare™ Allergen Barrier Bedding Collection

Bargoose bedding has a complete line of AllergyCare™ protective bedding, which is designed specifically to prevent dust allergens from becoming airborne and interrupting a good night’s sleep.

As an innovator in the allergy relief bedding market, Bargoose has been instrumental in the development of mattress, box spring, pillow and duvet encasings that help allergy and asthma sufferers. All of our covers are laboratory tested and efficient against dust allergens and pet dander.

Dust mite allergens can interrupt breathing at night causing coughing or can trigger asthma symptoms. Our scientifically engineered fabrics are woven to create a pore size smaller than 4.9 microns, preventing allergens from passing through from the bed to your lungs. Legions of dust mites can weigh down your pillows or duvets. Cover them with quality protective bedding protectors by Bargoose and sleep better.

Allergen mattress protectors are different from mattress pads or mattress toppers. Our  dust mite proof mattress protectors won’t change the feel of your mattress but they will protect it, providing a barrier that prevents dust mites and other allergens (molds, dead skin cells, etc.) and bed bugs from collecting in your mattress.

Three reasons you need an allergen barrier mattress cover (and pillow protectors):


1. A mattress or pillow that is covered protects your bed and keeps the dust mite away from their food source, our dead skin, and pet dander. No food means they will end up starving to death

2. Dust mite covers keep the dust mite allergens, feces, and body parts already in the mattress out of the air. Imagine a cloud of microscopic dust mite allergens bursting into the air every time you roll around or sit on the bed. You can’t see this cloud but it is there.

Now think about every breath you take and all the dust mite allergens that come with it. Keep the allergens out of the air and you won’t have that problem.

3. Last but not least, the third purpose is to just keep the mattress and pillows clean. We all sweat and have oils on our skin and that will soak in at some point. Pulling a cover and putting it in the wash is a lot easier and cheaper than buying new stuff.