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Vinyl Mattress Covers

Bargoose has the best vinyl mattress covers in the market. 

You can be sure that our bed bug proof vinyl mattress covers will provide you with the best protection.  Bargoose vinyl bedding protectors are 6 gauge, heavy weight vinyl with a brushed silk finish, and is tested and certified to be bed bug proof.  Combine that with our patented Bugstop® Seal, which is tested and certified to be bed bug escape and entry proof, you can be sure that you have complete bed bug protection.  We also have our 3 gauge bedding protectors: medium weight vinyl covers, with a taffeta finish. 

All our vinyl covers are:

  • Waterproof
  • Dust allergen proof
  • Fire retardant

    Plus, you don’t have to worry about any mold, mildew, fungi, or odor causing bacteria, as our vinyl covers are treated with an antimicrobial to inhibit their growth.

    In addition, you can be sure of our vinyl zippered mattress cover and our vinyl fitted mattress covers durability, as they have electronically sealed seams, making them stronger.  All of our vinyl mattress protectors come with rust-proof, polyester zippers.  For a great price, allergy sufferers get dust allergy relief, your bed is protected from spills, and you are protected from bed bugs with Bargoose bed bug bed covers.

    If you are looking for a vinyl mattress cover with zipper or elastic fitted sides, Bargoose bed bug proof mattress covers are the solution to protect a bed.