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Bedbug Solution™ Elite - Zippered Pillow Encasement For Bed Bugs, Dust Mites Allergens, Sweat And Spills

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Every night while sleeping perspiration collects on your pillow attracting bacteria and dust mites.  According to the CDC, by the time a pillow is 2 years’ old, 10% of a pillow’s weight is dust mites and feces!  BedBug Solution® pillow encasements keep every pillow fresh by preventing the contamination of bodily liquids, dust mites, bed bugs, viruses like COVID-19, bacteria and mold from reaching your pillow. 

Bed bugs cannot penetrate our pillow protectors either; not only can those “unwanted guests” not bite you, they cannot escape.  With Bargoose bed bug proof covers, you can be sure that you can sleep tight, and the bed bugs will not bite!

    Made from a "Satin Soft" 100% polyester stretch knit fabric that is laminated to a breathable, waterproof urethane membrane. The weave of the fabric makes this pillow cover feel very smooth and cool to the touch. Tested, to withstand repeated commercial laundering. This pillow protector will keep your pillows protected for years to come.

    Preferred by National Resorts, Flagship Hotels, Motels, AirBnB and Vacation Rental Properties, Pest Control Operators and Exterminators, and Homeowners alike! 

    • WATERPROOF COVER: Designed with an impermeable membrane, making it great for protecting your pillows against spills, sweat, and other fluids.
    • BEDBUG BARRIER: The laminated fabric of this pillowcase is bed bug-bite proof, making it an excellent option for hotels, bed, and breakfasts, or people who allow tenants to stay in their home.
    • DUST MITE AND ALLERGEN BLOCKER: The stretch polyester material this long pillowcase is made of is an effective barrier against dust mites and other harmful allergens.
    • BREATHABLE DESIGN: Made of 100% polyester, this bed bug proof, allergen pillow protector may help keep you cool. Machine wash on warm with mild detergent and tumble dry on low heat, or hand wash and hang dry.

    Easy Care Instructions: Machine wash hot water up to 140°. Do not use any chlorine bleach. Machine dry on medium setting.

    • Sizes: 
      • Travel - 13" x 17"
      • Standard - 21" x 26"
      • Queen - 21" x 31"
      • King - 21" x 37"
      • Euro - 26" x 26"

    Some Commonly Asked Questions

    How to protect your pillows from bed bugs? WAIT! ...What is a bed bug?

    Bed bugs are a common nuisance in most homes. So it is vital for you to have an effective defense system to minimize their impact and control their growth. Our BBS Elite Zippered Pillow Protectors are designed to prevent bed bugs from biting and invading through the cover’s surface. It ensures optimum protection for you and your family.

    Do bed bug protectors work? 

    Bargoose’s BedBug Solution®️ is designed to trap pre-existing bed bugs and prevent new ones from finding a way to your pillow. It reduces their chances of finding a haven to thrive and multiply. It eventually results in them declining in number and them becoming non-existent.