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The little ones look the most peaceful and angelic when put to slumber. Regardless of how tired you are, running around and doing your baby’s chores the entire day, gazing at your baby’s tiny face when asleep makes all the effort worthwhile. An adequate amount of sleep is imperative for the effective and proper growth and development of the baby. For that very reason, organizing the baby’s bed for his sound sleep is crucial. The baby’s bed has to be conducive to sleep without being too bright and distracting for the baby. Potty training time brings new challenges as your toddler gets older and their bladders get bigger while they transition to their first twin or full size bed.

However, one of the key factors that ruin the proper sleep time of the baby is bed-wetting. It not only disturbs the toddler’s sleep while keeping him awake for hours, but it also wreaks havoc on the sleep of the parents and family. Being prepared for catering to the worries and troubles of late-night bed-wetting can save you from the fuss. The late-night sheet-washing and baby-cleaning session can be stressful for both the parents and the child. Even though sheet-washing is one hectic task to do at night, cleaning the mattress doubles up the troubles of bed-wetting. 

Mattresses are tough to clean and dry once soiled, and the cost of a mattress makes it almost unthinkable for the parent to buy a new one. Since a wet mattress is almost unsalvageable and the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, it becomes practically uncomfortable to sleep on it, when soiled and cleaned with water multiple times. So whether your child wets the bed once a week or daily, it is important for parents to invest in these essentials to protect the baby-bed and toddler bed, the same: 

  1. Waterproof Mattress Protection

The waterproof projector is placed above the mattress and below the bed sheets to keep the mattress dry and moisture-free. These protectors are available as fitted versions that come as elasticized sheets securing the mattress from all corners. Or you could for the anchor band pad version that is placed on top of the mattress and secured with elastic loops from each bed corner. The pad protectors feature a thick and resilient layer of absorbent fabric on top, and below is the waterproof layer of polyurethane. The material is not only water absorbent and breathable, but it also makes sure the baby doesn’t feel hot at night.

The soiled pad protector can be washed and cleaned in a washing machine like a typical mattress cover and bed sheet without having you worried about the mattress. However, the thicker the mattress pad protector, the longer it takes to dry. On the other hand, the vinyl protector provides ease of washing as it can be wiped clean without requiring machine wash. However, the vinyl protector sleeps hot making it less comfortable to sleep on.

  1. Mattress Under-Pads 

Waterproof mattress under-pads are disposable pads with a permeable top layer and waterproof material. The under-pad could be placed above or below the bed sheet depending on the comfort level of the baby. In case your baby moves around the bed while asleep, there’s a high chance he might shift away from the under-pad wetting the other unprotected area of the mattress. However, the under-pads make it simpler for the parents to quickly change the bed since they only have to remove the under-pad and replace it. These incredible products are also portable, which means the parents can carry them anywhere without worrying about their baby wetting someone else’s bed. They come in handy during traveling and road-tripping. 

  1. Protecting Comforters

Comforters play a huge role in the nap-time of toddler as it helps the child transition into a deep slumber. These warm sleeping aids help the toddler to self-soothe to sleep. However, the choice of the right comforter can make all the difference. Thick and bulky comforters can make the cleaning process challenging as they are tough to dry and clean. The lightweight comforters are easy to use when it comes to tucking the child and drying the wetted comforter. 

On the other hand, a waterproof duvet can also serve as a less-bulky and wet-proof comforter. It can be used directly to tuck in the baby or underneath covering for the comforter to protect it from wet. You can also go for the waterproof sheet to create a protective layer between the baby and the comforter, saving yourself from the hassles of comforter-washing and changing every day. These waterproof sheets are like normal sheets except for the hidden waterproof membrane between the cotton or polyester layers. The added membrane makes them slightly weightier and thicker than the normal lightweight comforter and sheet. 

Mattress cleaning—hacked

There’s a high possibility that your child would wet the bed and ruin the mattress at least once in his/her lifetime. However, it is best to deal with the wet patches as soon as possible before they dry out completely. Once the urine gets soaked in the mattress, every attempt to neutralize or reduce the smell of the soaked urine goes ineffective. Use a clean cloth to sponge out the urine as soon as possible. When it comes to defusing the scent and cleaning the urine patches, normal household cleaners might not be effective. It is better to use enzyme-based cleaners as they are formulated for the purpose of urine cleaning and alleviation of yellow patches. Before you take the mattress out to dry, make sure to figure out the time your child would need it again to sleep. However, you can also use steam cleaners to soak out the moisture from the mattress after you have vacuumed the bed thoroughly. 

Concluding thoughts

A sufficient amount and adequate undisturbed hours of sleep are of great significance for the baby's overall health. However, it is not only the baby that requires enough sleep for proper growth; you as a parent also need proper sleep to function and take care of the baby. Both of you will sleep worry-free if you take appropriate measures to save yourself from the struggle of staying up late and troubled with bed sheet and mattress cleaning.

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