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Quilted Waterproof Mattress Pads

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Ultimate Comfort - Waterproof - Allergy Friendly

Our quilted waterproof mattress pad provides comfort and peace of mind for a truly rest­ful sleeping experience. Made with soft polyester felt, electronically quilted to a heavy gauge waterproof vinyl barrier. Electronically quilted in a beautiful pattern, moisture will be trapped and absorbed by the pad.

Dust mites are microscopic and invisible to the naked eye, yet a constant problem for mil­lions of Americans who suffer from daily from their allergy and asthma triggers. By reduc­ing dust mite exposure to the mattress, the sleeper can better control their sleep environ­ment, resulting in reduced in allergy triggers and an overall improvement to bedroom air. These covers are machine washable and dryable to remove dust mites and other aller­gens on the surface of the cover.

For Good Nights and Better Days!

Waterproof - Protects from Bed Wetting, Perspiration, and Accidental Spills

Protect your mattress from fluid spills like sweat and urine with Quilted Waterproof Mat­tress Pad. Just one unprotected fluid accident, can ruin a mattress. These covers safe­guard your mattress against fluids and stains, offering peace of mind and a more sterile sleeping environment for you and your family.

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