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Bargoose Home Textiles: Your Premier Wholesaler for Protective Bedding

Bargoose Home Textiles: Your Premier Wholesaler for Protective Bedding

In the world of hotel supply, finding reliable, high-quality products is paramount. For hotels, and even for businesses looking to tap into the bed bug supply market, ensuring customer satisfaction and safety is non-negotiable. Enter Bargoose Home Textiles.

Found in luxury hotels

Trusted by Industry Leaders: Why Choose Bargoose?

Bargoose Home Textiles stands out in the competitive realm of wholesaling for protective bedding. Not just any bedding—our range features mattress protectors that are:

  • Waterproof: No more worries about spills, accidents, or unforeseen damages. Our mattress protectors shield your investment, ensuring durability and customer satisfaction.

  • Bed Bug Proof: With the rise in global travel, bed bugs are a growing concern. Our products help hotels stay ahead of this issue, ensuring guests sleep soundly without the fear of these pesky invaders.

  • Dust Mite Proof: A boon for allergy sufferers, our protectors create a barrier against these tiny irritants, fostering a more comfortable sleep environment.

Inventory Ready to Go!

Whether you're a small hotel just starting out or a massive chain with hundreds of rooms, Bargoose has you covered. Our large inventory is always ready to ship immediately. Plus, for businesses keen on bulk purchases, our case pack options provide the perfect solution.

But that's not all! Dive deeper into our collection and discover our zippered pillow protectors—also available in case pack quantities. And if you're on the hunt for other protective bedding products, our diverse range promises not to disappoint.

Bargoose Bedding: A Legacy of Excellence

Rooted in a tradition of quality, Bargoose Home Textiles has been the trusted name in protective bedding since its inception in Lynbrook, NY. A glance at our story reveals a commitment to excellence, a deep understanding of the industry, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.

Family-run, our team brings together diverse backgrounds, from expertise in textile design to seasoned know-how in international manufacturing and distribution. This rich tapestry of experience positions Bargoose as the go-to wholesaler in the bed bug supply and hotel supply sectors.


For businesses in the hotel and hospitality sectors, partnering with a reliable wholesaler is crucial. Bargoose Home Textiles, with its expansive range of top-tier protective bedding products, positions itself as an invaluable ally. Dive into the world of Bargoose Bedding and elevate your hotel's offerings, ensuring guests enjoy the pinnacle of comfort and safety.

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