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A Caregiver’s Guide To Keeping A Mattress In Good Condition

A Caregiver’s Guide To Keeping A Mattress In Good Condition

For people suffering from chronic conditions and the elderly, a high-quality and comfortable bed isn’t a luxury rather a necessity for general well-being. Waking up each morning to a wet bed and struggle with mattress and bedsheet washing can be physically draining. It drains the caregiver's energy with everyday wash and clean rituals; it causes immense discomfort to the loved one as well. Incontinence is not just an uncomfortable condition; rather, watching the deteriorating conditions of your loved one can be disheartening. It might be the primary reason why adults and elderlies in need of care are placed and admitted to adult-care facilities. 

However, choosing the right bed and mattress can ensure optimal comfort. Moreover, for elderlies and adults, who lie and sit in one position, careful choice of mattress can prevent bedsores. The fatal condition can be life-threatening if not treated and remedied on time. Since no two people have exact requirements, there’s no single mattress that fits all. Regardless of what category of bed and mattress you choose, it takes more than just bedding to keep the loved one in good health. Where a good bed is must-have, diligent caregiving is the truest form of comfort. 

How to keep the bed moisture-free and your life simpler?

The key to managing the condition of incontinence requires timely prevention. Having the right tools and high-tech equipment can do wonders when it comes to making sure your loved one isn’t sleeping in damp sheets. Whether it is layering or air-pumping, make sure to employ every approach to minimize the leaks and ease up the cleaning. 

  • Air pumps

Some mattresses and beddings are customized to control moisture and relieve pressure. These low-air-loss mattresses consist of a pillow coupled with the pump for the consistent flow of air. On the other hand, the air-fluidizing beds are made from warm beads connected to the pump for maintaining the airflow. The constant flow of air makes sure the bed and mattress remain dry and moisture-free. It is quite likely that many find air pumps and electrical cords strange equipment for beds and mattress protection. 

However, leveraging such tools and equipment can come in quite handy if your loved one is confined to bed permanently. Using low-air-flow, air-fluidizing mattresses and other such dynamic padding options can provide much-needed comfort. You can even customize the existing bed padding and mattress through inflating or deflating air and gel for custom comfort and bed fit. 

  • Mattress Protectors and Pads

Mattress protectors are the first things that should be placed on the mattress to prevent moisture absorption of the bed. A wide variety of mattress covers and protectors is available in the market to fit the sleeping needs and comfort requirements. On the other hand, getting a new mattress is a costly process, and not replacing the wetted mattress can cause lingering odor. Additionally, washing, cleaning, and drying the wetted mattress can add to the struggles and worries of elderly care. 

The different types of mattress cover include zippered, fitted, vinyl, and waterproof mattress protectors. The mattress cover is the second layer beneath the bed sheet; the first layer is the waterproof mattress pad. It adds to the comfort of the bed and maintains the softness for back care and support. You can also go for under-pad to on top of the flat sheet. These underpads are washable and disposable, which serves the topping that can be thrown away when needed. 

  • Comforters and blankets 

Proper and adequate layering is the key to maintaining the dryness of the mattress. The best way to maximize bed layering is to use comforters and blankets. In comparison to the mattress, these layering materials are easier to wash and clean in case of an incontinence accident. On the other hand, blankets and comforters maximize the warmness and pressure-relieving of the elderly in need of care. Since adults and the elderly often fell asleep quickly in an elevated position, providing an extra pillow can offer added sleep support. 

  • Disposable or reusable absorbent pads

Since most of the incontinence events happen late at night and in most cases, the elderlies don’t want to disturb others with their discomfort. The best way to ensure the loved one remains comfortable in such a scenario is the optimal usage of disposable absorbent products or with reusable waterproof incontinence pads. Utilize a well-fitted product to ensure full absorbency. The diversity in these products available in the market ranges from absorbent mattress pads to adult night-time wearables. 

However, make sure to look for comfort, mobility, and ease when purchasing these products. The style and features of these products can vary enormously, so it is better to purchase one that fits the lifestyle of the loved one. No one size or style includes all approaches, and the range of products can accommodate every symptom and need. You can go for a better absorption speed product or higher absorbed moisture volume to keep the loved one at ease. Make sure to choose a size, style, and functionality that suits your body type. Browse through the large variety available and accessible online to make an informed choice. Consult an expert for better guidance about these products and know which will work better for your loved one. It helps remove the guesswork while making the purchase process faster. 

All in all

Maintaining good personal hygiene and general well-being is the key to preventing health and skin problems. Where the mattress and bedding are crucial for comfort, a good hygiene routine can promote good health. Install call buttons, bed safety rails, and alert pads for extra precaution and safety. 

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