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Complete 2021 Mattress Care Guide

Complete 2021 Mattress Care Guide

We do whatever we can to ensure that we get a night of safe and sound sleep for all of our family members. There are proven benefits too, and we often credit an excellent night’s sleep with our health, be it emotional, physical, or mental. But, it also means an increasing need to garner the best possible sleep products as well as some healthy advice to maintain our health.

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For example, let us talk about mattresses. These are more of an investment than a mere expense. But you need to make sure that you take routine care of it. It’s often better to have an added layer of security, also known as a waterproof mattress pad, to minimize damage and improve the mattress’ life.

If you are someone who looks for how to buy a waterproof mattress pad but you don’t know how to manage it, it is imperative for you to read up on mattress care and incorporate some changes. 

This article discusses mattress care and the need for a waterproof mattress pad and how they differ from mattress encasements.

What are the hazards for a mattress?

If you use something for a significant part of the day, it will suffer from deterioration. But several other elements can speed up the deterioration process. Here are the major ones:

      1. Insufficient support

Suppose you do not have a box spring, or the one you use is not compatible with the mattress, or the foundation, frame, or base you use is incapable of providing ample support. In this case, it can result in speedy deterioration of your mattress.

      2. Exposure to bed bugs, dust mites, and other deteriorating factors

If you do not handle your mattress correctly and allow exposure to bed bugs, dust mites, or other factors, it can cause your mattress to lose shape very quickly.

      3. Rough-housing

If you have pets or children who regularly jump on the bed, it can cause deterioration, and the bed can lose its shape in record time.  

      4. Liquid Spills, sweat, or incontinence can ruin a mattress

If your mattress experiences a spill, sweat stains, or overnight accident it can be ruined for good leading to the expense of having to replace your mattress.

Mattress Encasement Or Mattress Pad?

As the name suggests, the job of a mattress encasement is to protect the mattress. These options are additional security layers to keep your bed clean and healthy.

At Bargoose, we have a host of mattress encasement options to help you keep your mattresses in mint condition for years to come. In all certainty, there are two primary encasement types you are likely to find – zippered and fitted. Additionally, we offer the best waterproof mattress pad on the market. The Bargoose Deluxe Mattress Pad is both highly breathable and waterproof.

      1. Fitted waterproof mattress cover

    A fitted mattress cover will not cover the entire bed. These are five-sided protectors you can fit, similar to a fitted sheet, i.e., it covers the top and sides. Irrespective of whether you get a waterproof-tagged mattress pad or not, these are waterproof and are good at keeping sweat, urine, bacteria, blood, and other contaminants at bay.

    These don’t offer protection against bed bugs and allergens, but most people prefer them as these are easy to use and manage. Like a standard bed sheet, you can pull them off and wash them.

          2. Zippered waterproof mattress cover

    A zippered mattress cover, unlike the fitted ones, covers the whole bed. These are encasement options that offer all-around six-sided protection. The lock system ensures no contaminant, be it sweat or allergens, can affect the pad. It is an excellent option for those who suffer from allergies or live in an area prone to bed bugs. These are also great for camping and make for an easy installation, albeit more difficult than fitted variants.

          3. Fitted, Flat, or Anchor Band Waterproof Mattress Pads

    A waterproof mattress pad adds a top layer of waterproof material over your bed but below the fitted sheet. These maybe flat pads, have anchor bands to stretch down holding the pad tight or may be designed like a fitted sheet; no matter your preference, Bargoose has them all. The waterproofing may be delivered via a vinyl barrier or a urethane laminate barrier. If you are looking for the added feature of breathability, a laminate urethane barrier pad, like this one, will deliver.



    Bargoose Deluxe Fitted Mattress Pad

    What is a mattress pad vs an encasement?

    To sum up, a mattress pad typically comes with five-sided protection, but it isn’t the best for safeguarding your mattress from bugs or dust mites.

    In contrast, an encasement offers complete protection, and may provides better comfort. We recommend using both together. First applying the six sided zippered bed bug proof encasement (which you will leave on for at least a year) and fitted mattress pad that is easily removable for cleaning with your regular laundry.

    Do I need a waterproof crib mattress pad?

    The growing years of your child is a beautiful journey, but it’s also equally messy. That’s why it is imperative for you to get a waterproof crib mattress pad, and there’s more than one reason for doing so.

          1. It keeps the bacteria at bay 

    When you do not use a mattress topper, occurrences such as drool and urine are more likely to reach the mattress and cause bacteria formation. Adding a layer (waterproof crib pad) would ensure that the liquid doesn’t affect the bed.

          2. Cleaning is easier

    With a waterproof crib pad, all you need to do is wash it with antimicrobial soap on a regular basis. It keeps the surface free from contaminants and ensures sound sleep for the baby. It is also easier for you to clean than cotton-based traditional solutions.  

    Breathable waterproof mattress pad advantages

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    As the name suggests, a breathable waterproof mattress pad is both waterproof and breathable. It helps keep the moisture seepage in check and also ensures your mattress stays cool at night.

    Here are the advantages of breathable waterproof mattress pads:

         1. They protect your investment

    A good quality mattress doesn’t come cheap, so it is only sensible of you to have a way to protect your investment. Also, if you bring up a warranty, most brands do not accept stained, damaged, or dirty mattresses. Investing in a good quality protector would ensure that you make the most of your investment.

          2. They improve hygiene

    On average, we spend a good part of the day in bed (approx. 10 hours), making them one of the most used objects around. But, unfortunately, it also means greater exposure to other elements, such as spills, incontinence, and sweat, among other things.

    In usual circumstances, we expose an uncovered mattress to the following:

    • Dead skin cells
    • Dust mites and bed bugs
    • Airborne pollutants
    • Sweat and other fluids
    • Pet hair
    • Food crumbs

    Investing in a breathable waterproof mattress pad would help you keep these at bay and also help mitigate unwanted health hazards.  

          3. They are easy to manage

    We all know that cleaning a mattress is an arduous task. It requires both time and money. Most people prefer hiring professionals for it as they lack the requisite resources for doing it themselves. In contrast, if you have a cover, all you have to do is periodically remove it, place it into your washing machine, let it dry, and put it back. It means you are not only saving time but also minimizing the costs involved.

          4. They help prevent allergies

    Bed bugs and dust mites are often your mattress’ favorite. They dwell in the stitching and crevices of your mattress. People around the world have bug beg or dust mite issues, and these are known to cause a host of adverse effects on human health, such as dermatitis and asthma attacks.

    Do mattress pads protect from dust mite allergens? Yes, they do!  

    Equipping your bed with a high-quality waterproof mattress pad would enable you to keep these unwanted guests at bay. These would also ensure that you do not suffer from unwanted health hazards because of sleeping on an infected mattress.

         5. They keep stains and incontinence at bay

    In the US, over 33 million people have OAB (overactive bladder). It can result in involuntary bowel or urinary movements, causing damage to the mattress. These can result in stains and unpleasant odors on the mattress.

    Getting a high-quality waterproof mattress pad can save you time and labor. Instead of cleaning the entire bed, all you have to do is take the protector off and get it washed.

          6. They help improve sleep quality

    Even though protectors are responsible for keeping your mattress clean and safe, they are also indirectly responsible for improving your sleep quality. The breathable waterproof membrane helps improve airflow and prevents moisture from ruining the bed.

    A good quality protector comes with soft fabric conducive for improved cooling and ensures better sleep.   

          7. They are affordable

    While a high-quality mattress can cost you several hundred dollars and its professional care doesn’t come below $50, our range of good quality breathable waterproof mattress pads starts at $17.99. Also, these are re-washable and have a long lifespan, ensuring a reduced cost of care. It means that you are not only saving on replacement costs, but you are also saving on servicing expenses.

    Is a waterproof mattress pad breathable?

    Yes, a waterproof mattress pad comes with urethane laminated polyester knit fabric on the top and the sides, making it conducive for airflow.

    Bed bug protection vs waterproof protection vs dust mite protection

    Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye and are highly mobile. They spread like wildfire and feed on human blood. They come equipped with a feeding tube that enables them to suck blood, leaving a mark once they are done. Also, they crawl on the surface and can easily create havoc in your life.

    Having bed bug covers is hardly an option. They are a necessity, and they encase the mattress or the pillows that you use them for. Bed bug covers come coated with a urethane coating that prevents their feeding tube from penetrating it.

    Dust mites are microscopic, and you are unlikely to see them with a naked eye. One of their characteristics is that they live and die close to where they hatch. Unlike bed bugs, these do not bite, but they do produce a protein that can lead to allergic reactions in humans.

    Dust mite-proof covers provide a gap between the mattress and the person sleeping on it. These encasings offer complete protection and come with a zip. So when the sleeper moves, even though the allergy-causing protein becomes airborne, they fall back on the mattress and do not leave the cover.

    Most modern-day waterproof protection pads come with a layer of polyurethane. It helps mitigate developmental health risks otherwise caused by the vinyl variants. In addition, these are a great way to keep spills and unwanted moisture from deteriorating your mattress.

    Do mattress pads protect from dust mite allergens?

    Mattress pads create a sizable gap between you and your mattress. In addition, if you pick the right size, they’re a snug fit, and they help you keep dust mite allergens out.

    Keep the box springs in mind

    A box spring is a foundation for your mattress. It is made of wood and coils and provides a frame similar to the dimensions of your bed. The coils are placed in the center to absorb shock and to provide an additional layer.

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    Previously, they used to make mattresses out of coils. Those mattress variants called for additional support to counter the jerk caused by sitting, bouncing, or lying on them. Even though modern-day tech has improved leaps and bounds, box springs still find usage because of the following reasons:

          1. They increase support

    We often come across mattresses sagging because of being placed with incompatible bed frames. Using a box spring would enable you to improve the support mechanism. It is the reason many brands necessitate their use for users looking to avail the warranty support with their products.  

          2. They increase height

    There are often times when we feel our existing setup requires elevation. Using a box spring would help anyone boost it instantly.

          3. They improve airflow

    A box spring doesn’t have a plethora of tech fitted into it. Instead, it is a relatively simple product with minimum components, meaning that most of it is hollow. So using it for your mattress improves airflow, ensuring you stay cool and sleep better.

          4. They offer improved shock absorption

    A box spring’s default mechanism is to minimize the impact of jerks. Keeping your mattress without support means it takes the full impact causing it to deteriorate and sag easily. Instead, adding a box spring would give it an additional buffer meant to minimize the effect of jerks.  

    Wrap up

    If you want your mattress to stay with you longer, it is imperative for you to spend on a top-notch waterproof mattress pad. These are designed to prevent fringe elements from running havoc on your mattress and offer better protection against spills, dust, allergens, and dust mites.

    If you invest in an expensive mattress, you must take a step forward and invest in a quality waterproof mattress pad from Bargoose. It would help it stay clean, improve airflow and provide a host of other benefits.

    But even if you do invest in a high-quality waterproof mattress pad, it is imperative to understand the need to clean periodically. It will help you keep everything in shape and ensure that you can continue using it for a longer time. 

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