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Pillow Protectors Help You Stay Healthy While You Sleep

Pillow Protectors Protect Your Pillows and Help Keep Your Guests Healthy While They Sleep

Everyone loves the feeling of resting their head on a pillow with a clean, newly laundered pillow cover. But does a clean pillow cover mean a clean pillow too? 

Humans use pillows every single day. They sleep on them, hug them to sleep, play with them, or even use them as a makeshift table for a meal in bed. All in all, pillows get a lot of love and a fair share of sweat, dirt, spilled drinks, and food stains. If we are honest, commercial pillows get it worse.

Pillow Protector
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All this contamination daily can ruin the life of your good pillows and also pose a significant risk to the health and well-being of your family or guests. The simple solution to this complex problem is a zippered pillow protector. Let us take you through what pillow protectors are and how they can help you make the best of your pillows keeping them and sleepers safe.

What Is A Pillow Protector?

A pillow protector is an encasement for your pillow. It forms a layer of defense between your pillow and the pillow cover. The pillow protector safeguards your pillow from spillage, sweat, and other accidental damage.

The waterproof yet breathable barrier provided by pillow protectors further creates a dust mite and allergen barrier that keeps harmful bacteria, mold, and even bedbugs away. A zippered pillow protector made with high-quality breathable fabric can extend the life of your pillows and withstand repeated commercial launderings. This makes pillow protectors a very viable investment, especially for commercial use.

Are Pillow Protectors Important?

As the name suggests, pillow protectors protect your pillows and help them last longer. 

According to the CDC, by the time a pillow is 2 years old, 10% of a pillow’s weight is dust, mites, and feces. Pillow protectors reduce the frequency of having to change your pillows due to mold, bacteria, bugs, or any other damage. This can be a big cost saving for hotels and other commercial settings that use pillows.

Apart from protecting the pillows, pillow protectors also add a significant benefit to the sleeper’s health and improve their overall experience at your property. Hence, if the health of your pillows and sleepers is an aspect you value, pillow protectors are extremely important.

Pillows on a bed
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Health Benefits Of Using Pillow Protectors

Quality of sleep greatly affects one's overall health and productivity. A study by the CDC reported 32.6% of working adults to be sleeping less than six hours per night. This percentage is only increasing with time.

A hygienic sleeping environment is essential to facilitate good sleep. Pillows are, nonetheless, a very important aspect of creating a pleasant and comfortable sleeping setup.

Pillow protectors keep your pillows in their best, most germ-free condition. This helps sleepers sleep better and protects them from any health issues they may acquire from sleeping on a filthy pillow.

Here are some of the health benefits of using pillow protectors:

  • They help you wake up less sleepy

  • When perspiration, bodily fluids, and other liquids are absorbed by pillows, they can quickly become moldy. Mold can severely impact the sleeper’s health and cause serious sleep problems.

    Research suggests that dampness and mold can cause insomnia, snoring, restless sleep, and excessive daytime sleepiness. Even the smell of mold can cause high sleep disturbance. Pillow protectors create a waterproof barrier keeping your pillow safe from liquids and preventing the formation of mold.

  • They don’t let the bedbugs bite

  • Commercially used pillows can get infested with bedbugs quite easily. If you’ve been under a bedbug attack, you know how difficult the little pests are to get rid of.

    Bedbug bites can lead to allergies, infections, sores and even impact the sleeper’s psychological health. Stress, paranoia, loss of sleep, even insomnia can all arise from sleeping in a bedbug-infested environment.

    The bedbug barrier created by the laminated surface of pillow protectors keeps the bedbugs away. This makes sure your guests can get a good night’s sleep and stay healthy.

  • They let you breathe better

  • Dust mites and microscopic pests are the primary cause of respiratory allergies. An allergy to dust mites can cause intense sneezing, wheezing, itching, and even trigger asthma. Children, too, can be impacted by the presence of dust mites in their sleeping environment.

    Keeping pillows dust mite-free is a priority for any service provider. Pillow protectors offer a dust mite allergen barrier that protects your pillows and sleepers from dust mites.

  • They keep you cool

    No one enjoys a sweaty night. A cool sleeping environment is said to be ideal so one can sleep comfortably without excessive tossing and turning.

    A breathable pillow protector can help the sleeper feel cooler, even on hot nights. They also add an extra layer of fabric that makes the sleeping experience cozier.

  • Overall, the health benefits of using pillow protectors outweigh the health risks of not having one. Getting a good night’s sleep also means your patrons wake up happier and pleased with the accommodation you provide. This can help them view their entire experience at your property as a pleasant one.

    How To Choose The Best Pillow Protector

    Bedroom scene with pillows
    Photo by Deconovo on Unsplash

    If you are a first-time pillow protector buyer, here are five tips that you can keep in mind to ensure you get the best deal and the best product.

  • Choose a reliable brand

    The popularity of pillow protectors has led to multiple options in the market to choose from. However, not all products are the same. It is important, as the buyer, to be deliberate about the choice you make.

    Go for a brand with expertise in pillow protectors and other related products. It is always a good idea to read reviews online. You can also ask industry colleagues for their recommendations for pillow protectors.

  • Get the size right

    An incorrectly sized pillow protector may be just as good as none. Measure your pillow so you can purchase the correct size pillow protector. It should fit your pillow snugly - not oversized, not too tight.

    The most common sizes of pillow protectors are Standard, Queen, King, and Euro. However, some manufacturers like Bargoose offer multiple more options.

  • Look at the features

    The features of pillow protectors can range from light protection to heavy-duty. Assess your needs so you can choose a protector that fits your needs well.

    A zippered pillow protector with a waterproof barrier, bed bug barrier, dust mite allergen barrier, hypoallergenic material, and breathable cooling fabric are some must-haves.

  • Focus on comfort

    Comfort needs to be an non negotiable consideration when choosing a pillow protector. Avoid uncomfortable materials and finishes and opt for a breathable fabric that keeps the sleeper cool.

  • Prioritize ease of cleaning

    Ease-of-cleaning should be among the top factors that you should base your choice of a pillow protector on.

    As a hotel or other commercial setup, you will need to wash your pillow protectors frequently. For this reason, opting for a pillow protector that has easy cleaning needs and is made with materials that can withstand repeated commercial launderings is imperative.

  • The Perfect Pillow Protector, Preferred By Hotels: Bargoose CleanAir® Pillow Protector

    CleanAir Zippered Pillow Protector


    Bargoose designs and manufactures patented, tested, and certified pillow protectors and other hospitality needs products with a lifetime warranty to be free from manufacturer defects.


    Our CleanAir® Pillow Protectors are designed to be perfect for commercial settings and are preferred by hotels around the country. Available in five sizes (Standard, Queen, King, Travel and Square), the CleanAir® Pillow Protectors are both zippered and waterproof. 

    They form a robust bedbug barrier and dust mite and allergen barrier to offer the best and safest sleeping experience. Soft polyester fabric with a satin finish makes the protector breathable and keeps the pillow cool.

    CleanAir® Pillow Protectors are easy-to-clean and can be hand washed or machine washed easily. They are also tested to withstand repeated commercial launderings, last for a long time, and protect your pillow for longer.

    Tick all the boxes with the Bargoose CleanAir® Pillow Protector, a pillow protector that fulfills all your needs.


    Pillow protectors are essential to creating a healthy sleeping space for your guests. They can mean the difference between a well-rested guest and an upset one. As a hotel or commercial property that uses pillows, pillow protectors are a wise investment.

    Choosing a good pillow protector is crucial to having the best performance. Opting for a pillow protector like the Bargoose CleanAir® Pillow Protector lets you offer sleepers and your pillows the best of health and long life.

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