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Superb Sofa Sleeper Mattress Sheets And Covers

Superb Sofa Sleeper Mattress Sheets And Covers

The ultimate in comfort, quality, and durability, the Bargoose sofa sleeper bed sheet offers a perfect symphony of comfort and functionality. Whether you are shopping for a futon cover or your favorite pull out sofa bed, this sheet fit with no extra material to get caught in the folding mechanisms.

Designed To Fit 5" Deep Mattresses
The ideal queen sleeper sofa bed sheet set is the perfect pick when it comes to

sofa beds and pull-out couches. The fitted full sleeper sofa bed sheet set is designed to fit snugly on 5” thick mattresses, providing lasting comfort and a wrinkle-free experience. It ensures adequate coverage without any excess fabric that can get trapped in crevices or damage the mechanism of your sofa bed.

Every fitted couch bed cover offers consistency in quality and durability and is composed of a 180-thread count. A blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester makes sure that the pull out mattress cover hits just the right note in terms of presentation, comfort, breathability, and maintenance.

You can take your pick from an assortment of premium Bargoose covers – the full covers are perfect for your 53" x 72" mattresses, the queen offers 59” x 72” of complete coverage and sheer indulgence (great for futons, too!), while the twin sleeper sofa bed sheets are ideal for pull-outs that are sized around 38”x 72”.

BugStop Seal

Looking for more protection? Bargoose zippered couch mattress encasements give your sofa beds complete protection from bed bugs, dust mite allergens, pet hair, spills, sweat, and incontinence. The zippered bed bug sofa cover keeps all pests away and ensures you can rest without any discomfort. Our foldaway bed cover is extremely easy to tuck into your pull-outs and manage and store with minimal fuss. It features our patented BugStop Seal® and tested to withstand repeated commercial laundering. The sleepable sleep surface is breathable and waterproof as well.

If you are looking to make a one-time investment into caring for your sofa and protecting it well, the Bargoose sofa bed mattress cover gives you great durability and a bang for your buck. You needn’t worry about elaborate cleaning processes or difficult maintenance. Simply have your mattress cover for the couch mattress machine washed and dried at home by following the instructions provided. You will have the perfect sofa companion for life.

A good night’s sleep is no longer a matter of chance but choice. By choosing Bargoose sleeper sofa bed sheets queen or a twin sleeper sofa bed sheet set, you can consciously make a decision to take full control over caring for your furniture, your health, and your sleep. All Bargoose product come with a lifetime warranty to be free from manufacturer defect, so you can trust that you bed is protected. With the convenient options available to you, you are sure to be caring for your pockets too!


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