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Stay Safe on the Go: The Ultimate Guide for Business Travelers to Avoid Bed Bugs 2023

Stay Safe on the Go: The Ultimate Guide for Business Travelers to Avoid Bed Bugs 2023

Business travel might offer thrilling opportunities for career growth, but it's not without its challenges—like the risk of bed bugs. However, armed with knowledge, you can ensure your trips are both productive and pest-free. Dive into our comprehensive guide, drawing insights from sources like Consumer Reports and The Points Guy, to stay ahead of these pesky critters.

Bed Bug Life Cycle

1. Know Your Enemy: The Bed Bug Lowdown

Before you can protect yourself from bed bugs, it's essential to understand them.  Bed bugs are tiny, nocturnal pests that feast on blood. Their favorite hideouts? Bed seams, cracks, crevices, and even electrical outlets. [Learn More]

Bed Bugs?

2. Check Before You Nest

According to Consumer Reports, inspecting your hotel room before unpacking is vital. Focus on:

  • Bed seams and linens: Pull back the sheets and inspect the seams. Look for tiny black spots (bug feces) or actual bugs.
  • Furniture and surroundings: Examine chair seams, curtains, and even electrical outlets for any signs.

Luggage in the Bathtub

3. Store Smartly

The Points Guy advises against placing your luggage on the bed or carpet. Instead, utilize luggage racks or, as a safer alternative, place your suitcase in the bathroom—the least likely place for bed bugs.


4. Launder with Care

Upon returning home, avoid taking your luggage directly to your bedroom. Instead, unpack directly into plastic bags and wash your clothes on the hottest setting available. Remember, heat is the enemy of bed bugs!

Frequent business travel makes it imperative to remain proactive against bed bugs. By following these expert-advised steps, not only can you have more enjoyable trips, but you can also rest easy knowing you've taken steps to protect your home.

Knowledge is power, but action transforms it into safety. Here's to bug-free journeys!

For an even deeper dive into bed bug safety, explore insights from Consumer Reports and The Points Guy, and learn more from Bargoose Bedding's Bed Bug Basics.

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