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Wholesale Savings with Bargoose Bedding!

Wholesale Savings with Bargoose Bedding!

In the bustling world of hotels and resorts, the keenest industry players recognize that strategic partnerships with wholesalers can translate to significant savings. If you're in the market for top-tier mattress and pillow protectors, here's why you should be tuning into Bargoose Bedding's wholesale offerings.

Why Buy Protective Bedding in Bulk?

  1. Economies of Scale: When you source mattress and pillow protectors as a wholesaler from Bargoose Bedding, you unlock unparalleled discounts. Buying in bulk directly correlates to bigger savings—a savvy business move.
  2. Quality & Uniformity: Wholesalers like Bargoose Bedding ensure a seamless, high-quality product line. This consistency enhances the guest experience, allowing them to rest easy every night.

The Bargoose Wholesale Advantage

Engaging with Bargoose Bedding as a wholesaler opens up a world of benefits. Our rich history in the bed protection industry offers:

Customer Service: As a women owned and family operated business customer service is our number 1 priority. Our family relies on our customers and we make sure to take care of you in return. Give us Bargoose a try to see why our customers have been returning to us for decades.

Expertise: With years behind us, our expertise is unparalleled. Our crafted protectors are not just effective but also built for endurance and comfort. Our patented BugStop Seal ensure your beds are protected from bed bugs, but that's not all our protectors will keep your mattresses safe from! Our miraculous waterproof membrane will keep your mattresses protected from moisture, incontinence, sweat, spills, and other liquids.

Ready-to-Ship Inventory: Our expansive inventory ensures that we're equipped to handle large, wholesale orders with ease, facilitating speedy delivery. We regularly ship across the United States, including to Alaska and Hawaii, to US Military Bases worldwide, Canada, and Mexico. 

Reliability: From lavish resorts to quaint boutique hotels, or even AirBnb owners,  many have reaped the benefits of our wholesale partnership, trusting us for their bed protection needs, or asking for us by name at their preferred hospitality distributor.

Delve deep into the world of wholesalers and discover the treasure of savings and quality with Bargoose Bedding. When you choose to engage with us on a wholesale level, you're choosing an elevated guest experience coupled with substantial savings. It's an investment that keeps on giving!

For the wise choice in wholesale bed protection, choose Bargoose Bedding. 🛏️🌟🍃

Call Us Today @ (516) 255 - 1736 or email us at

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