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The Bargoose Deluxe Quilted Waterproof Mattress Pad Is The Only Mattress Pad You Need. Here's Why:

The Bargoose Deluxe Quilted Waterproof Mattress Pad Is The Only Mattress Pad You Need. Here's Why:

This is the mattress pad you have been looking for!

Parents, moms, and dads, your toddler needs this on their bed. You need this on their bed. Seriously! It is a life saver!!! Our son is potty trained, but is still prone to overnight accidents from time to time. We do everything we can to help him on his way; limit the fluids before bed and wake him before we go to sleep, but sometimes he still wets the bed on occasion. On those nights, we are reminded of how great this mattress pad is… Not only is the pad designed to be breathable, so heat does not build up between them and the mattress, but it is also waterproof!

Ok, but what does that mean, really… waterproof? Well, in the case of the Bargoose Deluxe Quilted Waterproof Mattress Pad it means that if you (they) void your (their) bladder (pee the bed), the absorbent cloud soft layer of fill will absorb the urine. A breathable bottom barrier provides the final layer of protection; it is impervious to moisture while still allowing air to pass through. ...almost a “miracle!” The barrier will also stop allergens, making it a great option for allergy sufferers as well. Dust mite allergens cannot pass through from the mattress to the other side.

Our son typically lets us know that he has had an overnight accident right away, so we are able to remove the sheets and the mattress pad, replace them and go back to sleep. Fast. …and let’s be honest, we love our kids but in the middle of the night we’d rather be sleeping and want to get back to sleep as quickly as we can.

We have put one on our bed too, so we know it is breathable and while we are not facing incontinence ourselves, our kids do like to co-sleep periodically, at least for an hour or two, so for those times we like to protect our mattress and extend it’s life.

For us and our family, having a couple of these pads on hand per bed has been a game changer. Alternatively, you can always get the laundry done in the middle of the night or worse ruin an unprotected mattress!

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