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The Ultimate 2022 Guide To Bed Protectors

The Ultimate 2023 Guide To Bed Protectors

Bed protectors, also known as mattress covers or encasements, have never been as important as they are today. As we try to manoeuvre daily life in 2022, keeping our spaces in the best state may have taken a backseat. But, a bed protector can help you reduce the toll your mattresses take.

We’ll walk you through the complete guide on what bed protectors are, why you need them, how to pick one.

What Is A Bed Protector?

A bed protector or mattress protector is an added layer of protection for your mattress that is usually zipped onto it. This protector encases or covers your mattress to defend it against daily wearing out and mishaps. The range of protection a mattress cover offers can differ between brands.

There is a wide range of bed protectors available today, from waterproof mattress protectors to hypoallergenic mattress covers; there are some for all kinds of requirements.

The most important benefit bed protectors offer is increasing the life of mattresses. This can be immensely helpful if you run a commercial property like a hotel, motel, Airbnb, hospital, etc.

Mattresses are an expense. They are also an item in rooms that is prone to a variety of hazards and contamination. Bed protectors are the most viable, easy-to-use, and strong defence system you can invest in for your mattresses.

Benefits To Mattresses From Using A Bed Protector

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Photo by Ty Carlson on Unsplash

  • Simplifies Keeping Mattresses Clean

    Vacuum cleaning may be the most commonly used method to keep mattresses clean. However, it is extremely energy-intensive and time-consuming, especially when you have multiple mattresses to maintain.

    Bed protectors are the best solution to preserving hygienic conditions without too much handling stress. Mattress covers fit right onto the mattress and can be taken off and put into the laundry or hand-washed. They can then be dried and are ready to be zipped back on your mattresses.

  • Makes Mattresses Water Resistant

    A spill here and a leak there, and the mattresses are branded forever. Water and liquid find their way to mattresses no matter how much you try to avoid these accidents.

  • Their frequency can increase immensely in commercial setups where multiple people are using the rooms on a regular basis. Damage from liquids not only impacts the look of the mattress but can also be a serious mould hazard.

    A waterproof mattress protector or plastic bed cover renders your mattress effectively waterproof. Depending on the material of your mattress cover, it can act as a barrier and prevent any liquid from seeping into the mattress and damaging it.

  • Protects Mattresses From Stains

    While spilling and accidents are a major cause of stains, mattresses do get stained with use, even unintentionally. These stains can be caused by usual bodily fluids like sweat, oils, etc. If your mattresses see babies frequently, they can end up being marked by them too.

    Such damage is difficult to avoid when your mattresses are constantly being used. However, stained mattresses are neither a pretty sight nor the most hygienic. In fact, some mattress warranties are also considered void if the mattress is stained.

    The first layer of defence offered by bed protectors keeps stains away from your mattress. These covers can then be easily washed and cleaned regularly as compared to mattresses themselves.

  • Resists Dust Mite, & Other Allergens

    Dust mites not only ruin the sleeping experience for visitors but also affect the overall longevity of your mattresses. While we understand that they are a reality and, in most cases, may be hard to avoid, they are not a reason to damage your good mattresses.

    Bed protectors help keep your mattress free from dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergy-causing agents. This benefits the health of both your mattress and your sleepers.

  • Helps Mattresses Last Longer

    When mattresses are unprotected and bare, they are put through a variety of stresses and accidents. We know that mattresses can be quite pricey, and replacing them frequently may be an expense you are unnecessarily enduring.

    Implementing a simple solution like bed protectors in your facility can greatly increase the longevity of your mattresses and reduce your expenses.

  • Benefits To The Sleeper From Using A Bed Protector

    Sleeping woman

    Photo by Lux Graves on Unsplash

  • Defends Against Skin Allergies

    Allergies are real trouble for most people. When mattresses are frequently used by different people, they increase the risk of allergies.

    The effect of allergies can range from mild itching to full-blown rashes. This can result in not just a ruined night’s sleep but an overall sour experience at your property.

    A regularly cleaned, hypoallergenic mattress cover can help keep the sleeper safe from skin allergies.

  • Helps Sleepers With Breathing Conditions

    Dust mites can be a pain for all. But they are more troublesome for sleepers with breathing conditions like asthma.

    Mattresses have the tendency to absorb dust quickly and need to be vacuumed frequently to keep clean. Vacuuming may sometimes not be completely successful in ridding your mattress of all the dust either.

    Bed protectors form a layer between the mattress and sleeper, keeping them from breathing in any dust that may have accumulated in the mattress.

  • Keeps The Bed Bugs Away

    Bed bugs are frequent visitors to busy places and may just be the hardest invader to get rid of. Not only do they spoil the sleeping experience, but they also put your guests at risk of bedbug invasion in their belongings.

    Mattress covers can help contain a bedbug epidemic and even end it. If kept covered using a zippered bed protector for a year, your infested mattress can be ridden of bed bugs. They also temporarily fix the bedbug problem and do not render your mattress useless.

  • Prevents Mould Growth

    Commercial use mattresses see their fair share of liquid spilling. When mattresses absorb these liquids directly, they can turn into a mould breeding ground.

    Mould not only is a health hazard for the sleeper but also damages your mattress. A waterproof mattress protector keeps your mattress clean and dry. Therefore, it cancels out any chances of mould growth.

  • Improves Sleeping Experience

    Who does not love a good night’s sleep? Mattress covers are a small but mighty change that can improve the experience your guests have at your property.

    Word of mouth is an asset your business can benefit from like no other. A simple change can truly lead to a butterfly effect that can even increase your sales.
  • Choosing The Best Bed Protector

    Hanging Bed in Paradise


    If you’re already sold on the idea of bed protectors and can’t wait to buy some for your space, we suggest you know the best practises. The sheer number of options available can leave you confused and exhausted, but we’ve got you and your mattresses covered!

    There are 7 major factors you should take into consideration when choosing a mattress cover.

  • Size

    While you may find the standard sizes like single, queen, and king commonly, premium bed protector retailers like Bargoose offer a wide variety of choices.

    You can always measure your mattresses to be sure about the size you need. Choosing the right size of the cover is crucial to enjoying all the benefits mattress protectors bring.

  • Material

    Materials are a determining factor when it comes to the performance of the bed protector, its longevity, and the sleeping experience it provides.

    Bargoose offers a variety of materials that serve their specific functions. These include organic cotton, 100% cotton, vinyl, polypropylene, and polyester.

    Cotton bed protectors are breathable, easy to clean, and are great for year-long use. Organic cotton is also great for the skin.

    Vinyl mattress covers are highly resistant to water and spillage. They are also extremely durable and can be cleaned by simply wiping.

    Polyester bed protectors are lightweight and can help the sleeper feel warm.

    You should choose a material for the bed protector that fits your requirement best.

  • Fitting Method

    Bed protectors can be zippered or fitted. The method closure determines the amount of protection the cover offers and how easy/difficult it will be to take off and put it back on.

    Similar to fitted sheets, fitted mattress covers slide onto the sides of your mattress and hold on to it with elastic. They are easier to handle but can displace easily if the sleeper moves around in their sleep.

    A mattress protector with a zipper encases the entire mattress. This offers 360-degree protection and durability. While they may take a little effort to put on and take off, they protect the mattress better and stay in place.

  • Thread Count

    Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of the bed protector. The thread count determines the thickness and feel of the product.

    Some brands may also indicate thickness by gauge. Bargoose offers mattress covers in 3 and 6 gauge varieties.

    6 gauge bed protectors are heavyweight, highly durable, and offer unparalleled protection. However, these features may not be essential for all use cases. The 3 gauge variety can work well for usual light use.

  • Breathability

    The breathability of mattress covers is a feature you shouldn’t sleep on, especially when they are made of a lighter fabric that may need washing.

    When bed protectors are made with breathable materials, they dry quicker and don’t hold moisture for long; they also are softer and offer a better sleeping experience.

  • Cleaning Needs

    Depending on your use, you may need bed protectors that can either be washed or wiped clean. In general, mattress covers are easy to clean, but their cleaning needs may vary depending on the material makeup.

    Make sure you read the description to know the cleaning needs of the mattress cover you are considering buying.

    In cases where the protector will be receiving frequent spillage or mess a wipe-down, a vinyl cover is best. However, for places where the sleeping experience matters, a lighter bed protector that can be easily washed clean may be the ideal choice.

  • Allergenic-Resistance

    Resisting allergies may be a benefit you would want to consider in your bed protectors. A hypoallergenic mattress cover reduces the chances of the sleeper having a skin allergy or aggravating a breathing condition they may have.

    Bed protectors with an allergenic barrier may be worth the investment!
  • Where To Shop For Bed Protectors?

    Child on bed

    Photo by Reimond de Zuñiga on Unsplash

    From Walmart to Amazon, bed protectors can be purchased anywhere. However, choosing the right retailer can help you get the best price as well as trusted quality.

    Price, too, can be a determining factor for many. However, it's important to know that bed protectors will only do the job you expect them to if they are well-made and of high quality.

    Opt for Bargoose Mattress Protectors & Encasements. Bargoose specialises in mattress protectors and offers the widest variety out there. You are sure to find one that fits your requirements as well as your budget.

    How To Care For Your Bed Protectors

    Caring for your bed protectors correctly will allow them to last long and protect your mattress for even longer.

    • Read the care instructions provided
    • Gently wash before the first use
    • Do not subject it to high heat drying
    • Avoid using bleach while washing
    • Do not dry clean or iron
    • Wash at least once a month

    Following the care instructions provided by the retailer is the best way to maintain your bed protector.

    Our Top Bed Protector Picks For 2022

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              Bed protectors are an investment that pays back in multiples. They are great for home use but highly essential for commercial use mattresses that are heavily used.

              Well-made mattress covers can protect your mattresses from damage and help them last longer, reducing your cost of maintenance as well as replacement. They also improve the sleeping experience your visitors have and lead to positive feelings.

              Depending on your specific requirement, the perfect mattress protector for you may vary. Keep your needs in mind and choose the right specifications for you.

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